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 "To become a good accompanist, it is not enough to possess decent technique or competency at sight-reading. The piano's sound must blend with the soloist's, whether singer or instrumentalist. The dynamics must be carefully calibrated, the breathing controlled but not strained, and the shape of each musical phrase approached with great care. The accompanist must strive to achieve a legato sound that will resemble as much as possible the human voice or a string instrument, ..."       -Lucie Ranaud

Linda can provide accompanyist services for:

Vocal Soloists
Instrumental Soloists
Recordings for auditions or practice CD's
School Choir Concerts
School Musicals
Church and Community Music Programs
Music Theater (Director and Accompanist)

 For more information, contact:

     Linda Lorgus
     West Chester, PA


   lylorgus@gmail.com       484-678-5427        
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